Design Roughs

original gretchen design rough

There’s nothing more exciting than opening your inbox to find these design roughs waiting for feedback. If I’m honest, I like these more than the finished product.

I was lucky enough to find the artist, Rod Savely, by tracking him across the internet. If you’d like more info on how that came to be, check out my post over at here. Or if you’d like to see how Gretchen’s profile pic came to life, take a look at the photo board post here.

For now though, I get to plan out how I’ll use these poses, and I have some wicked ideas. And with more design roughs on the way with new characters being realised, the cast of Gretchen’s (Mis)Adventures is bleeding off the page into something much more tangible. I look forward to introducing them to you through blog post snippets with content you won’t find in the books.

Momentum is building, Gretchen is coming. Hope you’ll be along for the ride.

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