Food Fight at The Salt and Bog

food fight

Who doesn’t love a good ole fashioned food fight? Well maybe Gretchen, when she gets caught between ogres and gnomes in episode 0.5 ‘Troll Hunter: Witch for Hire’.

This, along with the character designs, are all illustrated by Rod Savely. I always look forward to checking my inbox when I’ve ordered these, and I particularly enjoy the black and white images.

food fight

What Food Fight?

When the driver unloaded, rolling barrels in through the door, Gretchen’s eyes widened as a pie sailed across her vision knocking a tankard from an ogre’s hand. It was met with a rumbling growl.

“Oh, not again!” Gretchen pushed past the driver into the tavern to hold up her hands between the parties. “Enough!”

A pie exploded on her cheek, and the shouts turned to barking laughter. Her knees gave out when another barrel smacked into her calves, and she toppled onto her backside rolling clear of the next barrel following close behind it.

Staring up at the ceiling, she watched as food flew past knowing there was no coming back from there. Vulgar jeers rose above screeching and laughter and when she rolled to her side, she caught sight of an ogre hefting a barrel overhead.

Uh oh, what happens next?

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