The Tallest Tower Franchise

I’m sure Rapunzel running The Tallest Tower hotel empire wasn’t what people had in mind when they saw that Of Hair and No Hair was a Rapunzel story. But everything is just a shade more cynical and skewed in the Gretchenverse, and I like to think that the stories feel a little more real because of that. But good on her, I say, and I think Nora has her finger on the pulse.

The Tallest Tower

“I don’t get it,” Gretchen waved her arm at the stone wall by the marketplace.

“Get what?” Nora shuffled over, adjusting her spectacles as she squinted at the poster newly plastered on the wall.

“This Rapunzel broad.” Gretchen thrust her chin out. “Spent all that time in captivity, needed a prince to bust her out of a tower without any doors, and then puts her mug on a poster for some gimmick hotel franchise.”

“I hear those towers are quite the retreat,” Nora smirked. “Noble women all over the countryside are quite taken with the notion.”

Gretchen rubbed her chin. “I wonder what happened with the prince that rescued her?”

Nora snickered and clapped Gretchen on the shoulder. “Perhaps she came to appreciate the solitude of the tower after a few months cleaning his underpants.”

“You know, I think you might be on to something there, Nora.” Gretchen chuckled. “And if she’s figured out how to sell that kind of peace and quiet, good on her.”

Hope you got a kick out of that one!

Thanks again to Rod Savely for the illustration and my new software, Affinity Designer, for the poster.

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