Seductive Mirror

seductive mirror

What happened to poor Nora in the weeks leading up to book 5, Psycho Mirror? We know she got some kind of mirror delivery, but how she decided to up and leave the baron’s service was a mystery. This piece of flash fiction shows just how seductive the mirror’s call could be.

Seductive Mirror

Nora sat cross-legged on the cold flagstones in her workroom staring at the mirror. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she should tend to the waning coals in her fireplace, but she couldn’t tear herself away from the Queen’s radiance.

Her image was perfect. The absolute regal bearing of a woman of unmatched power. Nora couldn’t understand why she couldn’t see things plainly before. How witches should be set above all others as was their birthright, and how she could serve at the Crimson Queen’s right hand. Once she was out of the mirror.

“You shall gather an army for me, Nora Brightstar,” she crooned.

Nora nodded dumbly, and stood to fetch a scrap of parchment from her desk. Her falcon could take word to Gretchen. Her friend could summon the others. She scrawled a note in haste and pulled her winged falcon familiar from his brass cage. 

She sent him off out the window in a daze and returned to the mirror, hoping for a word of praise. A smile spread over the Queen’s lips and she leaned in closer to the glass that separated her from the world.

“Good. We must be away, Nora. We shall find a young woman who can bear my soul. Carry us to the greatest of glory.”

Nora blinked and nodded. She would do as the Queen wished. 

“It is the kingdom of Extor that we will bring to its knees first. Once we have it in a firm grip, the entire continent will be our prey.”

Nora flinched then blinked. There was a niggling drifting in her mind. Each time she stumbled on its source, it dissipated like a swirl of smoke. Strong feelings of vengeance realized replaced it, and she cackled mightily.

“It will be as you say,” Nora nodded eagerly. “I’ll fetch a cart from the stable.”

Nora stumbled from her workroom into the dead of night in the baron’s courtyard. She’d be gone come morning, and would only return to unseat the sniveling lord when the time came. After that, she would make it her business to hex him until the end of her days.

And we all know what happened after that!

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