A Hard Move

In the events of A Very Krampy Christmas, we come to learn that our newest character Piper has had a hard time settling into Edgewater. It was the bullies who pushed her over a magical cliff of awakening to bring chaos on Christmas Eve, and this diary entry shows how the kid was faring in the weeks before.

Moves can be really rough on kids. Even in fairytale land.

As the author, I have a bit of a confession to make. Monty was… I guess happy coincidence as far as the story goes. I felt terrible as I was tapping away on the keyboard that there would be nothing under the tree for her come morning, and after Mulligan smooched her face? Well, I think the lightbulb flashed behind my eyes just as it did for Gretchen, and I was pretty happy with how her familiar gift turned out.

Haven’t read the Christmas special yet? You can pick up a copy of A Very Krampy Christmas here.

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