A Royal Proclamation

This royal proclamation is intended for those who have read The Damsel Gauntlet, because, well spoilers. Don’t mind? Scroll down to check out this short story.

Gretchen frowned as she passed the town square and headed toward the group of gawkers milling around. She guessed it was the latest in the series of missives authored by the Scribe of the Realm. After reading the last one, she thought she might have had a heart attack from all the laughing. Fearsome goblins, indeed.

A man in the king’s livery turned from nailing a poster to the wall, and cleared his throat to address the citizens. “A royal proclamation from the Scribe of the Realm, who details Prince Jacob’s exploits as he rescued his fair princess in the wild mountains beyond our borders.”

The crowd exclaimed and milled about to get a better vantage. The man took another poster from his satchel and held it up so he could read it out.

a royal proclamation

Gretchen ground her teeth at the cheers from her neighbors and bunched her fists in her skirts. Vile, eh? She’d show him vile. Her errands forgotten, she turned back toward her cottage and resolved to go see Nora. She could think up a few unpleasant hexes that would suit that little twerp.

Poor Gretchen

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Mulligan in the Pantry… Again

Oh, Mulligan! I love these images from Rod Savely. An image holds a thousand words, or reflects just a couple in the opening chapter of ‘The Damsel Gauntlet’.

What does Gretchen even do with pickled livers, anyhow? Does she use them in her potions or is that the kinda thing she eats on toast? Mulligan doesn’t seem all that fussy for a feline, but perhaps that’s a witches familiar thing.

Mulligan is in the pickled livers again

And in case you missed it…

Gretchen stumbled into The Salt and Bog plucking leaves from her braid while mumbling under her breath. When she turned her attention to the crowd, her eyes widened at the regulars who’d turned to smirk at her.

“Broom problems?” Jurgen snickered from behind the bar as he poured ale from a barrel.

Gretchen clicked her teeth shut and cleared her throat. “Need to get that darn thing back to the shop. Can’t get good service these days. And I’ll hear no guff from you lot, or I swear I’ll curse your trousers to itch for months.”

The crowd broke out in laughter, only too aware of Gretchen’s lack of prowess in the curse department. She spotted Nora sitting at their usual table. Heaving a deep breath, she trod over and sank to the stool beside her.

“Tough day?” Nora had the decency to hide her smirk behind her hand, and Gretchen closed her eyes with a sigh.

“That alchemist stiffed me on most of the supplies I ordered, a customer changed her mind on the vermin poison, and Mulligan got into the pickled livers again.” She curled her lip. “Filthy feline has been farting all afternoon.”

Looking forward to sharing more of these with you next month

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A Tipsy Entrepreneur

Gretchen picked her way over the dewy lawn with her dressing gown held close and a mug of tea in hand. She stopped to pick up the newspaper and hustled back inside to the warmth of the hearth. At least this delivery hadn’t been left in a puddle, though she was sure the lad that made the rounds wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

She settled into her favourite armchair and tucked her legs under her rump before spreading the paper on her lap. Starting at the back where the more interesting tidbits were, she leafed through the pages until her eye caught on a small classified. She sucked in a sharp breath and it all came flooding back.

a tipsy entrepreneur

That night with the last bottle of double distilled witches brew. It had seemed like such a clever idea at the time. She scrunched the paper in her fist, panic rising in her belly, beyond mortified at the implications. Exhaling, she gripped the armrests and took long measured breaths.

It looked like she’d have a long day ahead of her if she had to pilfer every copy distributed among her friends and acquaintances.

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An Interview With Gretchen

So just days out from the launch of episode one, The Damsel Gauntlet, we’re bringing you an interview with the witch herself. As the star of the series, I’m sure you’re curious about Gretchen, and Mike Wallace, trusted first reader and writer of urban fantasy, asked her all the burning questions.

Hope you enjoy the insight, and are looking forward to launch day on May 5th!

When did you first start your career in witchcraft?

Us Murkwood’s are an old witchy family. My mother was a witch, her mother was a witch, my mother’s mother’s mother, well she was a goat herder. But I’m pretty sure that was only because her mother was a witch and a right battle-axe, too. So I suppose what I’m saying is I fell into witching rather than chose it.

Do witches date? What would a witch prefer in a husband? Or wife?

Well I mean, they do, but partners are probably more hassle than they’re worth. Can’t keep a husband in the academy if that’s your sorta thing, the council wouldn’t stand for it. But you know, it’s that age old quandary of caring for snot faced brats and whose work is more important. I guess the perfect partner would be one who could tolerate the smell of entrails in the morning. You never get a good reading out of them later in the day.

What kind of people are your best customers? Your worst?

The best are ones that don’t ask too many questions. I’ll let you surmise what that means for the worst.

What’s the difference between a witch and a wizard?

Is this guy serious? Wizards would have you believe that they work with a superior brand of magic, but in fact are almost useless at fixing things and are inclined to blow stuff up. You may as well ask what the difference is between men and women.

Is the cat your familiar? What does that mean?

Mulligan is my familiar, yes. Smarter creatures than most, they’re bound to their magical mate to look out for their wellbeing and let them know when danger is afoot. The trouble is deciphering those messages. Mulligan isn’t exactly the best communicator, and I’m not about to go hiding under my bed because he’s been acting weird. Cats are weird to begin with.

Have you ever faced a problem that magic couldn’t fix?

Pah, all the time. If I could solve all my problems with magic, I’d be sipping cocktails by the beach for the rest of my years. Seriously though, Magic is pretty much useless for cheating at cards.

Do you think magic provides a vital service to the people?

Unless you consider those quacks that call themselves physicians capable of curing anything more serious than a sniffle, yes. And that’s just healing. Imagine a world where you couldn’t order a hex on someone? That would be crazy.

What would you say is your most successful potion?

Depends how you define success. My best seller is cure-all for common respiratory afflictions. I’m pretty sure I could brew that in my sleep. But my most epic potion was that time I put together a little brew that covered our headmaster in purple spots. That thing went off almost exactly to plan. Do you know how hard it is to get the color purple right in a potion?

Why broomsticks?

No axles to snap, no wheels to get bogged in the mud, no nasty horse crap or broken equine legs to deal with. Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer armchairs to broomsticks, but it’s part tradition and part having an enchantment strong enough to carry the weight.

Are there any stereotypes about witches you want to disprove?

You’re asking the wrong witch. Now Nora would get on her high horse, but I reckon a lot of those stereotypes have served us well over the years. I don’t even have to lock my front door when I go out. We might not be held in the highest esteem, but regular folks are at least a little wary of us. If it were any different, I’d have to go making excuses about why I couldn’t go to that stupid book club or why I missed the baby shower.

And there you have it!

Ten top questions from Mike, and as to be expected responses from Gretchen. Let me know in the comments if you have any more, and we can cover them over in future posts.

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