Ep 0.5 ‘Troll Hunter: Witch for Hire’

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Troll hunting might not be on Gretchen’s resume, but strapped for cash, she’s prepared to try her hand at bounty hunting.

And maybe a stray love potion while she’s at it. Without a decent payday in months, she’s close to calling it quits, and if she doesn’t come through, her reputation — and the prospect of more customers — will be ruined.

Between an insolent spell book, an old friend too sick to run her favorite tavern and a new guy in town who is the object of every maiden’s desire, Gretchen scrambles to keep everyone happy. 

Trip trap, trip trap, this troll packs a mighty punch.

A potion cocktail has unintended side effects with massive ramifications and Gretchen has no idea how she did it. If she doesn’t fix it, she’ll be forced to hang up her witches hat and serve drinks for the rest of her days.

Is that all? No, didn’t think so.

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