Ep 1 ‘The Damsel Gauntlet’

Episode 1 of this season is a real doozy. If you’ve read episode 0.5 and are hungry for more, you can snap this up with your preferred book retailer.

Being a hero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But this witch for hire is prepared to get her hands dirty…even if she won’t get any of the credit.

Hauled to the palace in secrecy by the city guards, Gretchen is handed a commission by the King himself. The offer is too good to refuse, but when she’s locked in a dungeon with bickering goblins and a smug dragon, the proposition starts looking shady.

A damsel is in distress. A prince is on his way. All is not as it seems. 

Living from hand to mouth, Gretchen pushes aside her reservations to keep her eyes on the prize; the King’s coin. To earn it, she must be willing to take the dragon by the horns. When a ‘happily ever after’ is at stake, she must paint a heroic picture for those who are watching.

Because when this fairy tale goes down in the history books, the people behind the scenes fade into obscurity… which is exactly how Gretchen wants it.

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