Ep 10 The Head of the Horseman

Getting waylaid in the forest by a headless horseman wasn’t what Gretchen was expecting in the dead of night, and she’s on a mission to get her hat back from this ghostly thief.

And evict her new houseguest while she’s at it. Nora has given up her position with the baron, and has grandiose plans of taking up a seat on the Witches Council. Gretchen doesn’t have the heart to tell her it’s a long shot, but can’t put up with her crowding up the cottage indefinitely.

Damned souls and secrets kept by the Witches Council twine together, and hats aside, the horseman must be dealt with. All Gretchen knows is her pal needs some renewed purpose… and her damn hat back.

Curses, coverups, and politics make for dark machinations.

And what is a witch without her hat, anyhow?

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