Ep 12 Queen Mab’s Castle

The glimmer of a portal in the sky is too much to resist when Gretchen finds herself feeling old and frumpy. And on the other side it’s all booze and parties.

Then she finds someone who looks a lot like Aunt Esme, and all thoughts of a bender are pushed aside. Fleeing into the fairy forest, Gretchen learns she’s stumbled into Queen Mab’s realm, and is now the fox fleeing the hounds.

Her savior whisks her underground and out of sight, and from there they must head to the castle where Queen Mab’s stronghold offers the only chance at returning home. But dark secrets stand between them and their destination.

Which side of the portal does she really want to stay on, anyway?

Gretchen must confront her past, accept her present, and decide her future. Oh, and fix a broken system enslaving folks from back home.


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