Ep 3 ‘A Royal Froggy Problem’

Episode 3 is, you guessed it, a play on the frog prince tale. But one a little more relatable to the plight of witches in the Gretchenverse. Gretchen and Nora team up to take on the might of a wizard ruled state to solve the mystery of the frog hex.

It started with toads, but a much froggier prince problem was on its way.

Gretchen is swept into a diplomatic debacle when her best pal is falsely accused of hexing the Prince of Sharen. With a name as notorious as Nora’s, it’s no wonder the finger is pointed straight at her.

Clearing her name is impossible, but reversing the spell will avert disaster. Undoing another witches curse is trickier than it sounds though, and this one is a real doozy. They will need to travel further than they expected to find the answers, and set foot in places where witches aren’t welcome.

Is the real question who put the hex on him in the first place?

It’s not just Nora’s fate in the balance. If the people of Sharen had it their way, they’d bridle every witch in the world.

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