Ep 2 ‘Of Hair and No Hair’

Episode 2 has a well-known guest appearance by a treasured fairy tale identity. Rapunzel is back, and she’s doing well for herself. Until she seeks out Gretchen on the eve of the Baron’s get together for the lords and ladies of the realm.

Gretchen will do anything to win the pumpkin growing competition at the county fair, but things get hairy when Rapunzel turns up at the eleventh hour.

Two potions. One mixup. A calamity of tall proportions. But that won’t stop Gretchen from getting to that fair, even if she has to drag Rapunzel with her. 

When one of her dearest friends has skin in the game, Gretchen’s blunders puts her position as an official at risk. But as usual, Gretchen keeps her blinkers firmly in place. Along with Rapunzel watching the clock to make sure she gets to her party on time, this county fair has never seen a spectacle quite like it. 

Sabotage, subterfuge and recklessness won’t save the day.

Taking responsibility will. A hard pill to swallow, Gretchen has to decide what’s more important to her; a ribbon or a friendship.

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