Ep 4 ‘Witches Teeth’

Yep, Gretchen forays into the realm of tooth fairies in this episode, and I can promise you this tale is just an unconventional as any others.

The last time Gretchen thought about tooth fairies she was a kid, but now she has an unwanted night visitor fixated on her chompers.

When she learns that witches teeth are a valuable commodity, Gretchen draws a link between the realm of tooth fairies and her missing Great Aunt Esme.  Her spellbook knows something, and Gretchen is determined to uncover the truth.

Nobody who ventures to the fairy realm ever returns, and the treaty forged between their worlds is long forgotten. But what lurks in their forests is gaining hold over fairy territory, and two youngsters are held hostage.

Sinister shadows. Tangled webs. Sticky hives.

Gretchen’s first promise is to save the children, but seeking answers to her Aunt’s fate hangs in the balance. 

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