Ep 5 ‘Psycho Mirror’

A Snow White tale like you’ve never seen before. Of course… skewed in a witchy light. Nora is captivated by a magic mirror, and Gretchen must travel to another kingdom to wrench her from its clutches.

A morning which started with tax collectors ends up with Gretchen offering her clandestine services to the King himself.

One friend is missing, the other arrested, both of them in the kingdom of Extor. With a little help from the Witches Academy, Gretchen must figure out what an enchanted mirror has to do with the current state of politics.

But balancing the competing needs of her pals leaves Gretchen scrambling, and one may be key to the other. From the palace to the dungeons, Gretchen must tread lightly to get out unscathed.

An unwieldy game of treason and intrigue where the people she cares for are pawns.

Gretchen may have agreed to work in the King and Academy’s interest, but this witch isn’t known for toeing the line.

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