Ep 6 ‘Halloween Date Night’

Ghosts run rampant in fleshly bodies under the Halloween moon, and Gretchen only wanted a quiet night in to perform a summoning.

But then she met Ed, and things went downhill from there. This ghost failed to materialize, and is late for a date night with his wife. Distraught, he seeks Gretchen’s help to get a firm handle on things.

In her haste, Gretchen’s spell to put things right have unintended consequences, and Ed’s wife is in danger from his own animated remains. On a night when the village is vigilant, zombie cleanup is a fraught business.

On the night of the dead, calamity is coming.

Gretchen must save the village, avoid the hangman’s noose, and solve the mystery of this couple’s ghostly dysfunction. Dawn never seemed so far away in her life.

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