Ep 8 A Very Krampy Christmas

Christmas Eve is never a good time to have the sheriff come by after dark, and after Gretchen protests her innocence, it’s up to her to clean up Edgewater’s Krampus plague.

Demonic cleanup is witch business, after all. Baffled at the swarm of pint-sized Christmas tricksters, Gretchen must find out who is behind the summoning so she can banish the horde. The town is a mess, families are hiding in the local tavern, and Gretchen is freezing her backside off as she tries fruitlessly to come up with a plan.

But if she doesn’t fix the krampus problem, she will have ruined Christmas in the eyes of the townsfolk. And all she’d wanted was a quiet night in.

An old friend, a new friend, and a magical solution of epic proportions will save the day.

The question is whether the village will be grateful or livid at the colossal damage bill come morning.

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