Ep 7 The Troll and the Minotauress

 A troll’s path to love will have Gretchen walking around in circles to come rescue him, but she’s on the clock if she wants to get out in one piece.

A treacherous labyrinth lies on a stark island in the shadow of a crystal fortress, and Gretchen must traverse its dangers to get her friend back home. But trying to convince a troll in love is a different story.

Tangled vines and endless paths are the least of Gretchen’s woes. Eating the maze’s bounty could have her sticking around much longer than she’d planned.

Smoke, mirrors, and illusion are no match for Gretchen’s intestinal fortitude.

Save a friend, defeat the trickster, and figure out what Jurgen’s new girlfriend is really hiding. Gretchen has landed herself in a real pickle this time!

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