Ep 9 An Elvish Sweatshop

A proposed business venture turns into exactly the kind of covert rescue mission Gretchen promised herself to avoid.

But being a responsible parent and setting a good example sometimes don’t go hand in hand. And if Gretchen isn’t careful, she’ll prove everyone who doubted her ability to raise a fledgling witch right. 

With an insurmountable debt looming over her head, a fight with her sister, and the plight of arctic elves landing on her doorstep, Gretchen is forced to make tough choices. But with more than her own neck to risk this time around, the stakes are higher.

Revenge is usually a dish best served cold. But passion for freedom will drive sparks to fire.

But will luck be with Gretchen this time around? Or will Piper be the one to bring about justice?

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